Driver Nikola Novak
Age 25
Likes Twisty gravel roads, ridiculously high CAS
Dislikes ABS ("Where did my brakes go??"), potholes, straight asphalt roads

"Going from computer geekdom to car geekdom felt like a natural move", Nikola says. "Slapping a 7500RPM heatsink on your CPU or VF34 Turbo on your engine is the exact same thing".

This IT Specialist has long cultured habits of defensive driving. But when he got behind the steering wheel of his new Impreza in Spring 2004, something clicked: "This car just wasn't meant for driving meekly to work; it was meant to get you out of that dusty corner you approached way too fast!"

Once bitten by the rallying bug, Nikola hungrily absorbed all things car related - from advanced driving schools to road & performance rallies to Auto Repair for dummies. "I've got a long way to go before I actually understand what my rally colleagues are talking about most of the time; but we get a little bit better every event, and we're confident we have a fun & enjoyable future in this sport"