Co-Driver Ivan Krolo
Age 22
Likes Twisty gravel roads, naps, Gravol
Dislikes Club Sandwich before drive; Eye-wan instead of Ee-van.

Two computer geeks in one car are a dangerous combination, and Ivan has had to handle laptops, palm pilots, calculators, cameras, timers, lights & maps - often all at the same time.

It takes a special kind of man to get in a car with Nikola (who he has witnessed crash countless Imprezas in PC Games) and head out to country roads in the middle of the night. An insane kind of man, some might argue, but in the sport where trust is the name of the game, Ivan still seems to get his kicks out of the wild rides combined with mental challenges of deciphering often devilishly encoded instructions. "Are you kidding??? This ROCKS!" he exclaims. We think he's hooked too!